What are the disadvantages of using nuclear power?

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by Ashwin 12 years ago

Nuclear power is a good source of energy. It already finds applications in various parts of the world. It is, however, neither a green or a sustainable source of energy; it just is another source of energy and it comes with its own baggage of disadvantages and advantages.

Here are some disadvantages I can think of right away:

  • Uranium - the source for nuclear energy -- is relatively low supply. While fossil fuels are estimated to last only another decade or so, Uranium might last for another 30-60 years at best.
  • Nuclear waste is still a huge problem. Where would you possible dump all that nuclear waste with radio active hazard? According to Time for Change website, radioactive waste must be tended to for at least 10,000 years as claimed by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Standards
  • Nuclear plants are dangerous when an accident befalls them. Chernobyl is a good example of what can possibly happen.
  • It's also hard to visualize how it'd power generators, automobile engines, and motors given that these are important areas of application for energy.

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