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What is middle age?

Good question! In the days when people only expected to live to about 45, middle age started earlier. Until quite recently, it was usually considered to start at around 40, and anything over 60 or 65 was old (the pension was known as the Old Age Pension.)... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

What is Valentine Day?

St Valentine's Day is on 14 February. There are a number of stories associated... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

Can you give me some ideas for Valentines Day?

The usual thing is to buy a card and a nice present - underwear and chocolates are typical - and perhaps to go out for a meal (if you're thinking of this you should book early.) There is nothing wrong with any of this, but perhaps you're thinking of something... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

What are career jobs?

The difference between a job and a career is that a job is just some work you do. It could be for just a day or last all your life, but it's just... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

What are the symptoms of midlife crisis?

It's possible to have a sense of midlife crisis without showing clearly defined symptoms, since it's more a state of mind than an actual illness. So a person between, very roughly 40 and 60 may have general feelings of 'not knowing what it's all for',... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

How do I cope a quarter life crisis?

The quarter-life crisis is usually the time around the early or mid-twenties when we feel confused,... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

What is midlife crisis in women?

This phrase used to be associated mainly with men - the typical image was a man in his mid-forties trying to recapture his youth, often through affairs with younger women. in women we tend to think less of 'crisis' and more in terms of the natural passage... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago

How can I find career opportunities?

It sounds like you don't have any special kind of job in mind - you are just looking for somewhere to start, right? In that case, you should start with the basics:
(read more)

  answered 13 years ago

Who was Ken Russell?

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Who was Ken Russell?

Ken Russell, who died on 28 November 2011, was a UK film director.... (read more)

  answered 13 years ago