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How do I deal with my boss who is a psychopath?

First of all: has your boss actually done or said anythng that counts as bullying, harassment etc? 'Psycopath' could mean a lot of things. You... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What to do if someone has a seizure?

The first thing is to prevent the patient from injuring themselves or others. The safest place to be is on the floor, so try to help the person to lie down gently on the floor or at least get onto a safe piece of furniture. You should also move all nearby... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

These can start almost straight away, or they can take as long as three days to appear. Symptoms usually include at least nausea and some stomach... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What is a good way to achieve self-motivation?

There are any number of self-help books and gurus all telling you how to achieve... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety affects most people from time to time. It only really becomes a disorder if it happens frequently and when there seems to be no cause.... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

How can I stop unwanted sells or marketing calls?

You can reduce the number straight away by registering with the Telephone Preference Service - if you click here... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are the risks associated with vitamin D deficiency?

The major cause of Vitamin D deficiency is lack of sunlight. In colder countries in the winter, it's very common to have too little Vitamin D,... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are symptoms of diabetes?

The early signs of diabetes often include feeling unusually tired, and waking up in the night needing to pass water, even if you haven't drunk... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What's the difference between cold and flu?

People often think they have flu when in fact they just have a bad cold, as some of the symptoms are the same, especially in the early stages.... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are panic attacks?

A panic attack is a sudden, overwhelming feeling of fear and/or extreme anxiety, that may or may not have a clear cause. In a panic attack you... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago