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What determines the sex of a baby?

Every egg and sperm contains 23 chromosomes. Each egg has one X chromosome while every sperm has either one X chromosome or Y chromosome. The sex of a baby is determined by where the sperm that fertilises the egg carries the X or Y chromosome.

If the... (read more)

  answered 14 years ago

Is there any way to influence the sex of my baby?

While in countries like the UK, scientific methods of sex are only legal for medical purpose, you can still try some natural methods.

Timing sex is one of the most popular methods. If you want a boy, do not have sex for 2-3 days before ovulation,... (read more)

  answered 14 years ago

How twins are formed?

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What are the common causes of infertility in men?

The normal range of a healthy man's sperm is 35 to 200 million per millilitre of sperm. If you have none or lower amount of sperm, you may have trouble conceiving. Poor sperm quality are also one of the common causes of infertility, which includes sperms... (read more)

  answered 14 years ago

How twins are formed?

There are two types of twins: Identical twins and fraternal twins (i.e. Non-identical). Identical twins are formed when one egg splits into two after being fertilised by a sperm.

Identical twins are developed from two halves of the same fertilised... (read more)

  answered 14 years ago