How do you say cheers in Chinese?

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by Qcrew 13 years ago

Cheers can be translated as '干杯' in Chinese. It is pronounced as 'gān beī' in Mandarin. Note, both words are first tones. You can how to pronounce the four tones correctly by following this video -

When going to a restaurant in China, you will always find people raising glasses to each other and saying 'gān beī' loudly here and there. You can use the word 干杯 (gān beī) when you want to drink the toast.

干杯 (gān beī) can also mean up to bottom. 干(gān) is a verb, like 'do' in English; 杯 (beī) means cups in Chinese.

In China, if someone make a toast to you and drink up to bottom, it means that he or she respects you and expects you to do the same.

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