What is loft angle of Ping S57 Irons?

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by Crazy Golfer 12 years ago

Ping S57 Iron Specifications

2 Iron18.50°58.50°39.250″-1.00°0.200″D1
3 Iron21.00°59.25°38.750″0.00°0.170″D1
4 Iron23.75°60.00°38.250″1.00°0.150″D1
5 Iron27.00°60.75°37.750″2.00°0.120″D1
6 Iron30.50°61.50°37.250″3.00°0.100″D1
7 Iron34.25°62.25°36.750″5.00°0.090″D1
8 Iron38.25°63.00°36.250″7.00°0.070″D1
9 Iron42.50°63.75°35.750″9.00°0.050″D1

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