How do you say good morning in Chinese?

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by shirley legaspi 9 years ago

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by Qcrew 13 years ago

In China, there are many dialects, but most people in China understand and can speak mandarin in addition to their own local dialect. However, although there are many different ways to speak Chinese, there are only two ways to write it: Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Good morning is written as '早上好' in simplified Chinese, and pronounced as 'zǎo shànɡ hǎo' in Mandarin.

You can just say 'zǎo' if you are talking to friends or close collegues colleagues.

早(zǎo), means morning, or early, 早上('zǎo shànɡ)means in the morning, 好(hǎo) means good.

You can watch this video to hear the greeting in Chinese:

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