How do I get more users to my website?

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by whylove 10 years ago

There are many ways to increase the visitors to your website .But the reliable and quick way to make more traffic to your site is by using SEO service .You can get the SEO service from the site .Using the Seo service your website will be submitted to search engines like Google ,Yahoo,Bling ,AOL and submitted to more than hundred search engines and directories.And provides a powerful report that shows how to move your website up in search results.

by Ashwin 12 years ago

It's a very good question with an unlimited list of answers. This question would only be justifiably answered by a book on it. yet, I'll try to condense it here.

1. Make sure you add a blog to your website. Try to use an "Out-of-the-box" SEO ready CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla for your blog. They are easy to manage and get you lot of traffic by themselves (they are extremely SEO friendly)
2. Write exceptionally great content. If you can't write or if you don't have the time, have someone else write for you.
3. Connect on Social media. Make sure you let your visitors connect from each social media network to your blog and then from your blog to each of your social media networks.
4. Leave comments on high-traffic blogs. Not one-liners. Really intuitive, insightful, knowledgable comments.
5. Link to other bloggers generously through your blog.
6. Focus on SEO for your website -- this is a long term process.
7. Try Pay Per Click Ads.
8. Do email marketing.

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