How can I make Starbucks my workplace?

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by Lucy 12 years ago

If you want to work at Starbucks there are plenty of openings. Whatever country you are in it's very likely that Starbucks is there, and if you live near a medium sized or even quite a small town there may well be a branch near you. You could start by going to your local branch and chatting with the staff, both to see if it sounds like a good place to work and to get an idea of whether they have vacancies.

Next you could explore the company website, especially the careers page. If you click on the 'career paths' tab or the 'roles' tab (at the top of the page) you will find information about the different roles available, whether you fancy bar work or a more management type role, and the kind of people who work there.

If this is for you, you can download an application form and find out where the nearest vacancies are.

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