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Where can I find plus size fashions in the UK?

A lot of UK high street stores now have a larger size section, (as well as sections for taller or shorter people) so it's worth looking at a lot... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

Who was Frida Kahlo?

Frida Kahlo was an artist from Mexico. She is best known as a painter, and especially for a number of famous self portraits. In her art she used... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What are some good online fashion stores?

In the UK online shopping is growing enormously, as in many other countries. Almost all the main high street shops now have online shopping as well, and very often an item will be available on the website but not in the shop. So the first thing to do... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

What's the difference between a coach and a bus?

Usually a bus is a form of public transport. It's part of a network and owned by the local council or administration, or contracted out to a private... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

How do I lose the weight I put on over Christmas?

Don't worry too much; most people put on some weight over a holiday or a festive season, and once you get back into your normal routine it should... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

Who invented the Julian calendar?

The Julian calendar is named after Julius Caesar, who had a new method of calculating the year created and adopted it in 46 BC. This wasn't exactly... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

How harmful is processed meat?

Health experts generally recommend eating fresh rather than processed meat as much as possible, and just now there is new concern about this: scientists in Sweden have just proved a link between... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

How do I overcome the fear of Friday 13th?

As with any fear, understanding it is the first step to dealing with it. Your fear is so widespread it even has a scientific name (paraskevidekatriaphobia).... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago

How do I pursue a career as a creative writer?

This is different from many careers in that there is no obvious career path, and creative writing is something many people do alongside another career. The main thing to do is: just start writing. All you need is paper and pen or screen and keyboard.... (read more)

  answered 12 years ago