What is the height of a kangaroo jump?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

There are over 40 diffferent species of kangaroo, of different sizes and lviving in different areas, so although they can all jump high, of course not every species jumps to the same height.
The largest species, which also has the highest and longest jump, is the Red Kangaroo. This is also the largest of any marsupial with a weight that can reach 85 kg and a height that can reach 1.8 metres in an adult male standing upright (the tail adds even more to the length).
An adult male red kangaroo can jump its own full height, so jumps have been recorded of 1.8 m. Long jumps are even bigger - a red kangaroo can jump as much as 8 m in distance in a single bound.
Kangaroos can't move their back legs independently, so they have to jump everywhere, and their back legs are hugely powerful. The name kangaroo derives from an Aborigine word meaning 'big foot.'
You can learn more about kangaroo jumps here.

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