How to answer a question on Qsponge?

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by Qcrew 14 years ago

Firstly, you need to find a question that you're interested in.

There are three (3) methods of finding a question:

1. You can perform a search using the search box located on the header

2. You can choose a topic you're interested in from the homepage using the Hot Topic links.
3. You can browse the live questions on the homepage to see if there is a particular question that interests you.
When you find a question that you would like to answer, simply click the question title, and you will be brought to the question page.
Click "Answer this Q".

The following answer box will appear allowing you to type and submit your answer.
You can use the tool bar on the top of the answer box to style your answer. B is for bold, I is for italic, U is for underline,

You can also insert photos by using the icon shown below

or insert videos by using the following icon.

After typing your answer, click the "Answer" button, to complete the process.

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