Why do you have this website?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

Qsponge was set up over two years ago as a question and answer website. There are of course a great many sites and forums on the internet whose main purpose is to exchange information: some are specialist and others aim to answer questions on any topic that comes up. Qsponge is a website of the latter type.
The amount of information available on the web has become so vast that, at first, you might think that people wouldn’t be so interested in a Q and A format any more, as in theory you could find relevant information any just about any topic for yourself. In fact what has happened is the opposite: forums, Q and A sites and all kinds of information exchange sites are getting more popular and more necessary all the time. A major reason for this is, precisely, that there is so much information out there. You can put a question or some key words in a search engine and there is a good chance that you will then find links to several pages all connected with your topic. But then what happens? Do you sift through all these pages? Even if you have time, how do you work out where the best answers to your question are to be found? By no means everything posted on the internet is useful or even accurate; it’s a sad fact that although there is certainly more information available than ever before, there is also more misinformation – and it can be hard to know the difference especially if you are looking up a topic that you don’t know a lot about. Also, many contributors, writers etc tend just to copy what they have seen elsewhere, so you can find you’re reading the same piece of incorrect information over and over, with no way of telling whether it is incorrect.
And so many of us turn to websites which are set up with the special aim of answering questions from the public. There are a number of advantages in putting your question to a Q and A site rather than trying to find the answer yourself. On such a site you are likely to get at least one answer from a content writer or researcher who has a lot of experience in sifting through the quantities of information posted on the web and identifying the most trustworthy sources. Also, many questions attract several different answers from various online users; if two heads are better than one, 10 heads are obviously better still. You can get the benefit of a lot more people’s knowledge and experience, and perhaps also ask further questions and get more detailed help – this is especially useful if you’re looking for advice or solutions to problems rather than just abstract information. In addition, such sites tend to have lists of topic areas where your question will be placed, and exploring similar questions and answer to yours, in the same topic group, can also be very helpful.
Qsponge aims to be one of the most comprehensive and useful sites of this kind on the web. Since its launch it has gradually been building up a store of information and has steadily widened its scope to include a wider range of topics. Users come from all over the world and if you take a look at any topic area you will see that there is no limit to the type of questions that come up or the variety of answers that can be offered. Qsonge answers, whether long or short, aim to be part of a rich knowledge database that will be useful to everyone.

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