Can Porcupine fishes be eaten by other animals?

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by David H 13 years ago

Yes, Porcupine fishes (sometimes called Globefishes and Ballonfishes) can be eaten by sharks and orcas and the young ones can be eaten by dolphins and tunas.
The Porcupine fish lives in shallow and tropical waters and it is a small/medium size fish.
To protect themselves from larger predators they can inflate their body, increasing their size and become round like a ball with their body covered with heavy spines.
Some of the Porcupine fish species have tetrodotoxin, a deadly poison, in their internal organs.
The Putterfish, an specie close to the Porcupine fish, is eaten in restaurants in Japan where the qualified chef has to use special care to remove the poison from the organs of the fish.

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