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What is Google+?

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How do I say "Thank you" in Japanese?

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Who is Alan Rickman?

Alan Rickman (Hammersmith, 1946) is an English actor, popular for his appearances in the Harry Potter film series. He is an experienced stage actor and took part in many classical productions as a member of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company. He... (read more)

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How do I say "Good night" in Japanese?

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How do you change your name in Facebook?

To change your username in Facebook used to be a bit complicated and took some time but now it can't be easier.
First, go to Account in the upper right corner.
Then choose Account Settings.
Go to Edit Name and change your First and Last Name.
Save Changes.... (read more)

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Who was El Cid?

Rodrigo Díaz, el Cid or Cid Campeador (Vivar del Cid , Burgos c.1048 - Valencia 1099), was a legendary knight and nobleman in the Spanish Middle Ages.
He conquered and ruled the a great part of the East Coast of Spain, commanding his own army independently,... (read more)

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Who is the director of 'George Harrison, Living in the Material World'?

The director of this film about the life of the former beatle is Martin Scorsese. This is Scorsese's third documentary about rock'nroll, being the others: No Direction Home' (about Bob Dylan) and 'Shine a Light' (a Rolling Stones concert). (read more)

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What's the date for Halloween 2011?

Halloween's day, or the vigil of All Saints Day in the catholic faith, in the year of 2011 is Monday 31st of October.

For Halloween costume ideas,... (read more)

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Who built China's Great Wall?

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What are Shanghai's top attractions?

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