What is the book Precious Bane about?

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by Lucy 9 years ago

Precious Bane is a novel written by Mary Webb in the early 20th century. Webb was famous for her novels of rural life mainly set on the border of Wales and Shropshire, where she lived much of her life.
This book is the story of Prue Sarn, a girl who is shunned and feared by her neighbours because she was born with a harelip, which many people then (and even today in some parts of the world) believed to be the mark of a witch. Prue is kind and harmless, but as few people are willing to be friends with her she resigns herself to a lonely life and instead gives her life to working for her brother Gideon, an ambitious farmer. The problems start when Gideon, who is engaged to marry a local girl, rejects her after a quarrel with her father. When the girl kills herself Prue is blamed, and the whole village turns on her as a witch...
You can find the book here.

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