How many Wagamama restaurants are there?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

There are 105 Wagamama restaurants altogether. More than a half of these (66) are in the UK, as the chain has its HQ in Britain. The first Wagamama outlet opened in London in 1992.

Although the name is Japanese and the general style of the restaurants is inspired by Japanese bar food, the owner, Alan Yau, is from Hong Kong and has since created chains of Chinese restaurants too. In fact the food and culture aren't supposed to be authentically Japanese and the whole chain is openly aimed at Western, rather than Eastern tastes. There are no Wagamamas in Asia yet, though the brand is growing fast.

The name Wagamama can be translated as 'naughty child' or 'self-centred person', though the idea around the name is more like 'self-indulgent person'. In fact though, the brand is associated with simple, fresh food and fast service rather than luxury.

You can find your nearest Wagamama here.

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