Do tortoises eat raw meat?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

Different breeds of tortoise have somewhat different eating habits, so if you know the breed of your tortoise it would be a good idea to put that name into a search engine and add 'food' or even 'eat raw meat'. There is some evidence that certain types of tortoise in the wild will eat meat (that is carrion, ie meat that is already dead) if they find it, in small amounts anyway - but this doesn't apply to most tortoises and it certainly doesn't form part of their diet. They tend to like meat if it is given to them, but a lot of experts say they should never be given it in captivity as it can make them ill and, if given regularly, can cause serious problems such as shell deformities.
You could ask your vet for more specific advice about the best kinds of food for your tortoise, but you can also get a good overview here.

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