Where can I find plus size fashions in the UK?

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by Lucy 12 years ago

A lot of UK high street stores now have a larger size section, (as well as sections for taller or shorter people) so it's worth looking at a lot of different stores. You can also try Evans, which caters just for larger sizes, or try Artigiano . This is mainly a mail order business but does have some high street outlets, and it has a special size-16 plus range called Spirito. For more choice, try typing the terms 'Uk plus size fashion' in a search engine and you will find several online companies specializing in larger fashion for both men and women.

For tips and discussion, try typing in the terms 'plus size fashion blog' and you will be able to find several blogs where larger people talk about their style preferences and give advice on making the best choices. You may even like to comment on such a blog or start one yourself.

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