I want to buy callaway apex pro forged irons. But i don't know how to choose it from internet. Can you give me some advice?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

You could start by putting your search terms 'galloway apex pro forged irons review' in a search engine. This will take you to several sites and forums discussing the pros and cons of the equipment. For example, if you click here and explore the magazine page, you will find plenty of background information about the Galloway Apex and also a link to a members' forum that discusses it. You could ask for advice here or contact the managing editor, whose details appear at the bottom of the main page - scroll below that and you will come to the comments of people who have already bought it.
It's probably also worth getting some face to face advice though - how about contacting your local golf club? They can probably help you directly or at least point you in the direction of further information. Another option is to ask in your nearest golfing supplies store.

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