What are the most dangerous candies?

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by Lucy 12 years ago

A list of the 21 supposedly most dangerous candies has been published recently and you can find it here. There have been similar lists around for a while and, while none of them claims to be the result of really serious research, in a general way they have a point: if you eat a lot of snacks that consists mainly of fat, sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, you will do yourself a lot of harm.

However, whether a Milky Way is more dangerous than a Bounty bar (to take one claim from this list) is a bit more questionable. If you ate either of these every day you would almost certainly put on some weight and your teeth may well suffer too; that doesn't mean that you can't occasionally enjoy any one of the sweets on the list without any severe consequences.

'Everything in moderation' is true for most things and certainly true for eating candy bars!

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