What are some good online fashion stores?

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by Lucy 12 years ago

In the UK online shopping is growing enormously, as in many other countries. Almost all the main high street shops now have online shopping as well, and very often an item will be available on the website but not in the shop. So the first thing to do is to look at the websites of your favorite high street shops (and some supermarkets as well; eg Tesco and Asda have very big online ranges.)

For direct online shopping, of course ebay is the most famous and you can get some brilliant bargains there, especially cut price designer items. For other online fashion shopping, you could try asos which is international and has big reductions right now, or or These are just some of the better known examples, so do explore further. You could look here for advice on the best site, and you can narrow your search by using keywords such as "fashion", "designer" "discount" or whatever you are looking for.

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