Are there any dating websites for creative people?

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by Lucy 10 years ago

Yes, there are quite a lot - if you type the words 'dating for creative' in a search engine you will get several pages of results. Some of these are more what call themselves 'creative sites' so you have to look carefully, but there is still a lot of choice. For example, you could look at this one - it is basically a dating site with all the usual amenities, but it also organises special events that they think would appeal to people who love art, literature etc.
Of course 'creative' is quite a general term - anyone can call themselves creative, after all. If you have a specific interest it may be worth making a more specific web search - dating for writers, or for artists, for example. There are quite specific sites for these interests. Of course this could mean that the pool of potential partners is smaller, but if it's important to you to meet someone with similar interests or talents that could make life a lot easier.
Good luck.

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