How do I pursue a career as a creative writer?

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by Lucy 12 years ago

This is different from many careers in that there is no obvious career path, and creative writing is something many people do alongside another career. The main thing to do is: just start writing. All you need is paper and pen or screen and keyboard. Write every day, even if only a page or two, to keep in practice and make sure you have plenty to say.

For training, you could consider a creative writing course. Maybe start small, eg by going to a few classes at your nearest community or adult education centre There are also plenty of distance learning courses. A course will help you get ideas and learn to structure your work. Then you can try submitting a story or article to a local paper, magazine or website. If you don't get accepted, don't give up: try posting some work on a writers' forum and get other writers to discuss your work with you.

Good luck.

by Earchnathu 9 years ago

A writer’s success comes down to the quality, creativity and insight in the writing. Sure, you have to be persistent in keeping your work circulating as you seek publication and you should know a thing or two about how to compose an appealing query, but if the writing is n’t strong, you won’t get far.A degree in writing the Master of Fine Arts, in particular is a great opportunity to work on your craft. It’s a rare experience to have sustained time to focus on your writing, an accomplished and skillful author and teacher to guide you and a community of writers who take their work seriously.

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