What is the Spanish 15M movement?

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by Toni 11 years ago

The Spanish 15M movement is an umbrella term to describe the multitude of popular protests that arouse in Spain in May 15th 2011 in response to increasing effects of the economic crisis and a disenchanment with the current bi-partisan political system. The 15M defines itself as non-hierarchical and is sutained on a broad base of principles: collective intelligence, horizntality, inclusivity and non-violence. the 15M movement sinks its roots in the fact that politics has been hijacked by political elites of PP and PSOE parties who have ended up being more responsive to corporate interests than to the people who ultimately brought them to power in elections. This progressive distancing of politicians from ctizens togehter with the profound corruption of governmental institutions caused the mass mobilisations known as movimiento 15M. The movement is sustained on civilan digital network platofrms like Democracia Real Ya and more than 200 smaller associations. One of the most visible forms of action of the movement is the sitting-down in squares where people's assemblies are conducted in which all citizens can find representation. This is why the movement is seen as a arising out of people's disenchantment with traditional politics from which they feel excluded, hece one of its most famous mottos: "no nos representan", "they dont represent us". The movement claims to be apolitical in the sense that they adscribe to a single ieology or political party yet the ideals behind the movement (social justice, inclusiveness, fair distribution of wealth) tend to coincide with the left. The 15M movement cannot be understood in isolation without its interconnection to other risings like the Arab Spring or the Occupy movements in the US.

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