When are the Euro elections?

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by Lucy 9 years ago

The 2014 Euro elections will be held on Thursday 22 May. Usually there is a rather low turnout for these, and especially in the UK where many people tend to think that it's not very important who your Member of European Parliament (MEP) is. This idea is strengthened by the fact that, unlike in a general or local election, you aren't given a specific person to vote for but only a party - most people couldn't tell you the name of their local MEP.
However, there is more interest in many countries in 2014. Fringe parties, some with extreme views, are being voted for in larger numbers as voters around Europe get fed up with mainstream politicians. This is also true in the UK where, until recently, it looked as if the UK Independence Party could even win the Euro elections. However, after some recent scandals over finances and the views of some of its members, the latest polls put them behind both Labour and the Conservatives. However, we may still see a higher turnout than usual.

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