What are symptoms of diabetes in cats?

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by Lucy 13 years ago

They can be quite similiar to the symptoms of diabetes in humans. A cat that is in danger of developing diabetes may need to pass water a lot more than usual, and eat and drink a lot more. In particular, if your cat suddenly wants to drink water all the time that could be a sign. Another symptom is lethargy (seeming very tired and wanting to sleep more than usual) with no apparent cause, and some cats get rather weak, especially in the back legs.

However, most of these symptoms can also have other causes, so if you are concerned about your pet you will need to take it to a vet for tests. The vet will test for glucose levels in the cat's blood, and if diabetes is diagnosed your cat may be prescribed insulin treatment.

If you click here you can learn more about the symptoms, treatment and management of diabetes in cats.

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