What are the loft angles of PXG 0311T GEN1 irons?

Answers (1)

by Crazy Golfer 2 years ago

PXG 0311T GEN1 Iron Specifications

3 Iron20.00°60.50°39.500″2.00°0.157″
4 Iron22.50°61.00°38.875″3.00°0.130″
5 Iron25.00°61.50°38.250″4.00°0.115″
6 Iron28.00°62.00°37.625″5.00°0.095″
7 Iron32.00°62.50°37.000″7.00°0.076″
8 Iron36.00°63.00°36.500″9.00°0.058″
9 Iron41.00°63.50°36.000″11.00°0.040″

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