How many countries participated in london olympic 2012?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

A total of 204 countries sent athletes to the 2012 Olympics,
which if you include Great Britain as the host country makes 205. It
wouldn't be possible to name them all here, but if you click on this link you can see a full list. This can be displayed alphabetically, according to part of the
world or according to number of medals won per nation.

There were also independent athletes - three from the Netherlands
Antilles and one from South Sudan. These were allowed to compete, but were not
officially representing any nation as their countries do not have an official
Olympic Committee.

Over 10,500 athletes took part in over 300 events. The London 2012 Olympics was the biggest event ever hosted by Great Britain. This year's Paralympics is also expected to be the biggest yet, with a total of 147 nations taking part. The Paralympics are of special historical importance to Britain as they were created here and the first event of what would later become the Paralympics was held in the UK in 1948.

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