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Does time slow down or speed up for astronauts?

Time dilation occurs to any thing that moves and slows it down for the moving object.

However, even at the relatively high speeds at which the space station or other orbiting craft are travelling - 17,500 miles per hour (or 28,000 kilometers per hour... (read more)

  answered 11 years ago

Can you fall faster than terminal velocity?

Terminal velocity is defined as the point at which a falling body (a human one in this case) stops accelerating - i.e. It reaches a constant velocity... (read more)

  answered 11 years ago

What may cause an oven to trip the circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers are tripped by an electrical fault. This could be short circuit, drain to earth, or overheating (typically a result of a short circuit). Circuit breakers are designed to protect the device they are in circuit with. But more importantly... (read more)

  answered 11 years ago