Why can't I wake up in the morning?

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by Fernando 6 years ago

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by Lucy 9 years ago

A lot of people have some trouble with this, and almost everyone would rather stay in bed on a cold winter's morning, but if you are really struggling and feeling very tired all morning, it may be time to try and change a few things.
The most obvious thing you can do is look at what time you go to bed. There are some people who only need 4 hours' sleep a night, but they are very rare. Most of us need at least 7 hours, and really you should aim for 8. There are some who need more than this. So if you have to get up at 7.00 you really need to be going to bed at 11 most nights, as you need a bit of time to fall asleep. You could also look at whether you are spending too much time with your computer and other electronic devices late in the evening - this can make it hard to sleep and some studies suggest that even if you do get enough sleep, you still feel tired because your brain doesn't unwind properly. You can find some more ideas here.

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