What's the likelihood of scotland being an independent country?

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by Lucy 11 years ago

The most recent polls put those in favour of Scottish independence at about one third. The referendum won't be held before 2014, though, so of course a lot could happen in the meantime. Since the idea was first proposed, there has been no significant change in the numbers supporting independence, but then the campaign on both sides has hardly begun.

On the whole Scotland is more likely to vote to remain part of the UK this time, but the question is not likely to go away, and there could well be another campaign in years to come. The debate is arousing nationalist feelings in some Scots, but is also causing people to think a lot about the practical aspects that would have to be dealt with, such as dividing up of resources, and what would happen to Scots living elsewhere in the UK or other Brits living in Scotland.

There have also been a lot of arguments over exactly how the referendum should work - who should vote in it, for example, and the precise wording of questions.

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